At Bfinance, we do things differently. We’re modern Aussie mortgage brokers.

We love helping people make big decisions. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s important to do it right. As mortgage brokers, we have access to loan products & offers not available in the broader market. We can help you to buy your dream home, invest in property, and feel confident that you are getting the best deal. We’re here to guide you. Our goal is to help you make the right decisions now to set yourself up for the future.

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2016 Finalist - Best Regional Office (SA & NT)

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We are experts in home loans. We help people buy, upgrade, refinance, invest and consolidate debt. Best of all, we do all the work for our clients at no cost. Need help with a mortgage? Message us today.

2017 Finalist - Best Regional Broker (SA & NT)

Better Business Awards

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Welcome! I’m Doug Bohmer. I’m a Mortgage Broker and the owner of Bfinance. If you need a hand with your home loan, call me on 0435 074 843 or email

2017 Winner - Regional Finance Broker Award (SA/NT)

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Purchase a home

It can be intimidating purchasing your first home. Even if it is your second or third time it’s good to get a refresher. We understand this, contact us and we’ll guide you through the process without overwhelming you.

Find a better mortgage deal

Everyone shops around for cheaper products. Mortgages are products, why don’t you shop around? Whether you’ve had a mortgage for 3, 10 or 20 years you shouldn’t be paying too much. We’ve helped people drop up to 1.9% off their mortgage interest rate. If you’ve had a mortgage for a while talk to me, we’ll do the leg work for free.

Pay off your mortgage sooner

Consolidating your loans makes it easier, cheaper & quicker to pay off all your loans. Take our 1 minute loan check and we will analyse your situation to see if it’s worth it, and then do the work for free. Contact us to find out more.

Improve your financial health

While it might seem silly, you can easily pay more without noticing. Paying $1,000 a fortnight instead of $2,000 per month over a 25 year loan can save you $35,000 in interest & get you debt free 4 years earlier. Wondering whether an offset account is worth it? Or perhaps you have a current loan? Contact me, we can discuss your other financial options.

Any burning questions?


What does a Mortgage Broker do?

A Mortgage Brokers role is to support home buyers and owners through the loan selection and application process.

Buying a house and choosing the right loan can be a daunting and complicated process. We act as your mentor throughout the process. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you, and we do all the leg work for you, resulting in a smoother transition to settlement.

Why shouldn't I just go directly to the bank?

By all means you can and many people do.

The difference is that a bank’s view is restricted as they can only provide you advice on the options within their portfolio. As we work independently, we can give you the full view of the entire Australian market and we’ll advise you on all options from all banks.

When you work with us you’ll get the full picture. We’ll guide you through the process to make sure you select the best available option in the market for your individual needs.

I went to the bank and they said I can't get a loan?

There are over 35 different lending institutions in Australia, each with their own very specific set of rules around who can and can’t get a loan. If you feel that buying a house is in your best interest, and that you’ll be able to pay back that loan have a chat to me.

I’ll give you the facts, and let you know which bank will lend you money, and what that’ll look like.

Regardless of whether your situation i’ll do my best to get you the outcome you desire.

Do I have to pay Bfinance a fee?

Our service is at no cost our clients.

The way the Australian market works is that Bfinance is paid for its service by the lending company you choose upon successful completion of the mortgage process.

We are an independent company with an unbiased market view. The advice we give you will be tailored to your individual needs, and not based on pushing the latest offer to hit the market.

Our role is to support buyers through the mortgage process, and make sure that all our clients new and old are with the most appropriate loan for them. Our goal is to build a long, lasting relationship with you.

Where does your service begin and end?

We guide you through the entire home loan process from beginning to end. This includes:

1. Initial advice and assessing your options

2. Assisting you to pre-qualify

3. Helping you to select the right loan for you

4. Filling out all the paperwork

6. Liaising with the bank until you have been approved

7. Monitoring the process to ensure successful settlement is reached

8. Yearly reviews to check that your loan is keeping up to date with your life.

I don't live in Alice Springs, NT. Can I still use your service?

Yes certainly.

Bfinance’s office is based out of Alice Springs, NT however our knowledge and experience is of the Australia-wide mortgage market.

Prior to relocating to Alice Springs to set up Bfinance, I lived in Melbourne, Australia where I established my career as a Mortgage Broker, and as such many of my clients are from NSW & VIC.

As a result a great deal of our clients are Victoria-based and we work with clients all over Australia. To date we’ve worked with clients in 4 states; Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Northern Territory.

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What is going to happen to interest rates? Variable vs. Fixed.

What is going to happen to interest rates? Variable vs. Fixed.

I think every mortgage provider gets asked this question on a weekly basis. One day I’m going to purchase a crystal ball and

Our 7 tips when investing in property.

Our 7 tips when investing in property.

It’s unlikely most of us will build a billion dollar property portfolio. That doesn’t mean we can’t make sound investments in property to maximise our personal wealth.

Simplicity is the road to success. It’s that simple!

Simplicity is the road to success. It’s that simple!

My friends often come to me for investment tips, or to ask about an elaborate system to make money & grow wealth they read in a book by the latest self-proclaimed guru.

How finance folks have lost touch with reality.

How finance folks have lost touch with reality.

Many who work in financial services have lost touch with reality. Too quickly they forget what it’s like being unfamiliar with banking and accounting terms.

Shares – the basics. Why you shouldn’t be scared.

Shares – the basics. Why you shouldn’t be scared.

I love shares because they are an easy way to invest. I think a lot of people are scared, or prefer investing in property because they understand it better.

The most important aspect to investing?

The most important aspect to investing?

I love the general concept of money, investing and finance. Sometimes people mistake that with being stingy, or greedy, or money driven. It’s not money that I like, it’s living life how I want to.

Time vs. Money. Why you should barter.

Time vs. Money. Why you should barter.

When I first went to Thailand I was young and stupid. I remember reading Rich dad, Poor dad, don’t get me wrong, I think it is a great worthwhile read. I also learnt that everything could be bartered.

Personal budgeting. Let’s say I want a Harley.

Personal budgeting. Let’s say I want a Harley.

I discuss the most basic of principles in personal finances here. That is knowing what you want, or goal setting. Once you know what it is you want, you need to start figuring out the rest.

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We have access to over 1,000 home loans from over 30 different lenders across Australia. Contact us today to find out which one is right for you.

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